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The Flat Roofing Specialists

ELC are your flat roofing specialists. Each one of our team members ensures that your new roof has maximum durability, reliability and strength, so there’s no more worry about your roof and the associated issues.

Our specialists advise you from the stages of planning to the finishing result and after – you can choose the material used for your flat roof, which makes it unique to you.

Our roofers only use the finest and most precise materials to make your one of a kind flat roof, high in quality.

Flat roofing has many advantages:

  • A waterproof membrane attached to the joists underneath the ceiling
  • Due to the pitch of a flat roof, it drains water well and prevents leaks
  • The materials used in flat roofing mean it can last up to 40+ years
  • Flat roofing is an affordable option as it involves less materials

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Types of flat roofing

  • Felt and Asphalt – cost effective, a long lifespan.
  • Rubber bond roofing – durable, flexible, very cheap to maintain, resistant to all weather types.
  • Single ply membrane – lightweight, cost effective, resistant to all weather types, durable.

You have the option of all of these – whichever one suits you best, we will install for you on your property.

Our flat roofing is for all property types, domestic and commercial. If you are located in Colchester and need help with your roof, give us a call.

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